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Friday, September 23, 2016

OpenStack Neutron VMware NSX REST API Extension Refence Now Available


The OpenStack neutron team has done a fantastic job consolidating the neutron REST API reference source into the neutron-lib tree (note that this is an ongoing effort). Once built, the resulting documentation is published to the docs site and is what you see when viewing the neutron api-ref. While stadium projects can contribute their api-ref to the neutron-lib tree, non-stadium projects (such as the numerous neutron plugins including the VMware NSX plugin) must publish/maintain their own API reference documentation.

VMware NSX Neutron Plugin REST API Reference

We recently decided the most straight forward place to publish the OpenStack neutron VMware NSX plugin REST api-ref was right alongside the plugin source code. This document is in markdown format and can be found at vmware-nsx/api-ref/

OpenStack neutron VMware NSX api-ref rendered in markdown

Moving forward, our goal is to keep the VMware NSX plugin api-ref in sync with the plugin source code so consumers can always find the api-ref for the release of the plugin they are using. Consumers using the VMware NSX neutron plugin for release REL can access the following URL to view its api-ref:

However since we just committed this documentation, consumers will only be able to access the api-ref using the above URL starting with the Ocata release (for now it can be accessed from the master branch of the plugin source repository).

We look forward to any feedback on this api-ref so feel free to open a bug, or reach out to me directly.

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